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Raoul HUYS

Raoul HUYS

Chargé de Recherche CNRS

Tél : (+33)(0)5-62-74-32-08

AA+ - Action, Learning and more


I am a (human) movement scientist with a research program that centers on the functional organization of (perceptual-motor) behavior. The aim of my research is to help developing a comprehensive view of (human) behavior and cognition. Sensorimotor behavior is an excellent vehicle thereto as it can be measured with considerable spatial and temporal precision. My research is inspired by the notion of self-organized pattern formation in complex systems. Per definition, such systems are composed of a myriad of components, and functionally characterized by a multitude of processes operating on various spatial and temporal scales. Due to interaction between components and processes, patterns of functional behaviors emerge at the level of the organism, the level at which my research is directed.


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