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ERC Advanced Grant 2012

The European Research Council (ERC) is awarding €680 million to 302 senior research leaders in 24 different countries across Europe in the latest competition for its prestigious ’Advanced Grants’. The funding allows these scientists to pursue their most ground-breaking ideas at the frontiers of knowledge together with their own teams. Simon J.THORPE is one of the selected researchers with "Memory Mechanisms in Man and Machine" : CNRS press release

The project aims to validate a set of 10 provocative claims.

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10 provocative claims

We will test these radical claims with a highly interdisciplinary approach involving psychology, neuroscience, computational modelling and hardware development. Novel experimental paradigms will study the formation and maintenance of very long term sensory memories. They will be combined with imaging techniques including fMRI imaging, EEG recording, and intracerebral recording from epileptic patients. In parallel, computer simulations using networks of spiking neurons equipped with Spike-Time Dependent Plasticity will attempt to explain the experimental results, but also used to develop bio-inspired hardware systems that can reproduce the learning capacity of the brain using novel memristor-based technologies.

Mise à jour 05/02/2013