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Perceptual and Attentional Fluctuations (PAF)

Head : Rufin VANRULLEN

Our team focuses on the dynamic (fluctuating) nature of sensory perception, attention and higher cognitive functions. How do these functions unfold from moment to moment ? How is a percept, or a thought, constructed upon its immediate perceptual history ? Do perceptual and attentional fluctuations also take place on an even faster timescale, entrained by cortical oscillations ? At the other end of the spectrum, what can we learn from fluctuations caused by individual differences in sensory and cognitive functions ? These questions are addressed using a unique multi-scale approach, from in-vivo intracellular recordings and optical imaging to human EEG and fMRI.

Key words : electrophysiology, integrative neuroscience, multistability, synesthesia, oscillations, perceptual cycles, meditation, mind-wandering

Permanent research staff :

Research support :

  • Camille PUGA

Post-Doctoral fellows :

Doctoral students :

  • Sasskia BRUERS
  • Marie GLEIZES (50%)
  • Lu SHEN
  • Simon PERRIER (50%)
  • Fanny ROUMIER

Representative publications :

  • Brandmeyer T., Delorme A. (2016) Reduced mind wandering in experienced meditators and associated EEG correlates. Exp Brain Res. Nov 4.
  • Grandchamp, R., Delorme, A. (2016) The Brainarium : An Interactive Immersive Tool for Brain Education, Art, and Neurotherapy, Journal of Computational Inteligence,
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  • Dugué, L., McLelland, D., Lajous, M. & VanRullen, R. (2015). Attention searches nonuniformly in space and in time. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 112(49), 15214-15219
  • Hupé, J.M. & Dojat, M. (2015). A critical review of the neuroimaging literature on synesthesia. Front. Hum. Neurosci 9, 103. doi : 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00103.
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Mise à jour 24/01/2017